A Message from GM

A Message From GM

Jordanian Metals Melting Factory was constructed in the capital of Jordan, Amman in 1975, Established and led by our late father Haj Hussein Mohammed Al Aboura and his four sons: Mohammed Hassan, Mohammed Ghazi, Nasser Aboura and myself. We specialize in recycling metals such as Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Stainless Steel and Iron to provide raw materials to the recycling and casting factories by meeting domestic and international requirements and standards.
Our business was first established by our late father solely in the early 50’s with a vision to grow as a family business which currently is led by his four sons. Today, our mission is carrying that vision through our next generation.
We are dedicated and proud to deliver our products with integrity and honesty by implementing all safety and health measurements for our labor, meeting customer satisfaction and needs and contributing positively to our environment.

GM and Partner,
Ali Aboura

Jordanian Metals Melting Factory

We aim to become one of the premier providers of metals recycling and manufacturers around the world in terms quality and environment standards

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